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(C) Conduct: Policy and procedure

Lending Library Materials
The policy governing the lending of library materials for use by the university community is designed to allow maximum use of these materials outside the library.
Reference Service
The reference section provides this service which includes: enquiries, information retrieval, usage and user education.

Normally, reference materials cannot be taken out of the library. However, at the discretion of a reference staff member , a reference book may be checked out by a student for few hours or overnight.
Audio visuals:
The media services section houses the library AV materials such as audiotapes, videotapes, slides , films, CDs. Efforts are underway to equip the section with materials and equipment necessary for viewing or listening to these various types of media.
A pre- paid photocopying machine using a card is made available in the library for patrons use at a very reasonable prices.
Who may borrow from the library
All members of the university community (students, faculty , and staff) may borrow materials from the Library. Borrowing privileges are also extended to other university support staff, who hold valid identification cards.

Individuals from outside the university may be permitted on a case by case basis .The use of the library’s resources is only within the library building (for details, see the library use by outsider’s policy).

Registration & library card
A currently valid university ID card serves as the Library card for students and staff.All borrowers must register at the circulation desk

Circulating Materials
The maximum number of items that may be borrowed, and the retention period allowed, are as follows:


Students Graduate students Faculty members Staff members
up to 4 items, for 4 weeks up to 8 items, for 4 weeks up to 8 items, for 8 weeks up to 4 items, for 4 weeks

AV/Media Materials

Students Graduate students Faculty members Staff members
up to 2 items, for 5 days up to 5 items, for 7 days up to 5 items, for 4 weeks up to 2 items, for 5 days

Non circulating materials
Normally, non circulating materials cannot be taken out of the Library. However, in case of a pressing need, such materials may be checked out by a student for few hours or overnight.

Each borrower is allowed two defaults, after which he will be deprived of this exceptional service for the rest of the academic year.

Reference Books
Special collections

With the permission of the librarian for special collections, an item maybe checked out by a student for few hours or overnight. In his absence, the on-duty reference staff may grant such permission.

Maps, standards and specifications and theses are not allowed to be taken out of the library.

Reserved books
Reserved books may be checked out overnight if permitted by the concerned faculty member. A maximum of one item may be checked out by a student. The borrowed item must be checked out 30 minutes before closing the library, and must be returned the following day within 30 minutes of upon opening the library.

All circulating books must be returned to the circulation desk by the due date.

Unless a hold has been placed on a borrowed book by another patron, the borrower may renew the loan period only 2 times by presenting the book to the circulation desk.

Search & Hold
The library user may request a search on an item he/she cannot locate in the stacks. When found, the circulation staff will put a hold on that item and notify the patron.

The library user may request a hold on an item checked out by another patron. When the item is returned, the user will be notified immediately .In the above two cases, the materials will be placed “on hold” for 5 days then re-shelved.

The library may recall any item, after being charged to a student for at least 7 days, if needed by another borrower. When returned, the other borrower checks it out and retains it for 7 days, after which the original borrower has the right to re-check it out.

Materials needed for reserve use can be recalled at anytime.

Overdue Notices
Borrowed materials must be returned or renewed by the due date.

Students who fail to return or renew borrowed materials by the due date will be notified by e-mail from the library.

A maximum of two notices will be sent by e-mail, after which the director of the library will contact the student affairs department requesting positive action.

If the material is not returned or renewed within a week of the second notice, the library issues a “Lost Book Notice” requesting the borrower to pay the charges involved (see below).

Fines on overdue books
Students are charged a fine of 2.00 Dhs a day per item (up to a maximum of 15 days) on later return of materials. If an item is more than 15 days late, the student pays the fine for the first 15 days, while his/her borrowing privileges are suspended for a number of days equal to those exceeding 15 days.

Lost . , Damaged or Mutilated Materials
Borrowers are responsible for any loss, damage or mutilation of materials charged to them. Those who underline words, deface mark, cut or mutilate a book if caught will pay the full cost involved in replacing it.

Charges for lost, damaged or mutilated books are calculated as follows.

The borrower pays the current list price or, if that price is not known, the price the library paid + 50% handling and processing charges.

If the current price is unknown, particularly in case of most Arabic materials, the size of the book will be the determining factor in assessing the charges e.g.,

1 – 50 pages 51-100 pages 101-150 pages
20 Dhs 40 Dhs 60 Dhs

In case of multi-volume set, the above charges are multiplied by the number of volumes.

A higher charge may be incurred if an item is out of print or hard to replace.

If the lost material is found and returned by the patron within 30 days of payment, he/she is entitled to a refund provided that the material if returned in good condition. The normal overdue fines and penalties will, however be imposed.

Borrowers will lose their borrowing privileges until all fines/charges are paid.

The reserve system is a service that provides students with an all time access to materials that are requested reading for a particular course.

At the beginning of each semester, faculty members may place materials on reserve for courses they teach.

Reserve materials may include either or both of the following.

Materials owned by the library.
Materials belonging to faculty members.

Materials are kept on reserve for the duration of the course, or as specified by the instructor on the reserve material request form.

Reserve materials cannot be taken out of the Library. However and with the instructor’s permission, materials can be taken out overnight.

Acquisition Section:
The acquisition section of the university is in charge of developing the library collection in support of teaching and research at the University faculties and centers.
Cataloguing and Classification:
The section is in charge of all technical services within the library which include among other things cataloguing and classification. The Library uses the AACR and the Library of Congress Classification System and the MARC applications.
System Section:
This section supervises the work of the electronic Library system used in the library and ensures its proper functioning. It provides also training sessions for all library patrons on the search of information through the library portal.
Conduct, Policy and Procedure
  • Library users should at all times carry with them their university ID’s which they may be requested at any time to show to the library staff. Admission may be refused if a valid ID cannot be shown.
  • Any behavior likely to disturb or inconvenience to other library users or be detrimental to the contents or fabric of the library is forbidden.
  • Users must not write in or otherwise damaged books belonging to the library. Any damaged to, or loss of, books must be made good to the satisfaction of the librarian.
  • All members of the library staff are authorized to inspect any books in the possession of users leaving the library.
  • Smoking and the consumption of food and drink in any part of the library are forbidden.
  • The reservation of seats is not permitted. The library staff may remove personal materials left unattended for any length of time.
  • The university accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of or damage to personal belongings left anywhere in the library or in library lockers or study areas at any time.
  • Mobile telephones, cameras, personal stereos, typewriters, and mains-powered equipment may not be used in the library without the permission of the librarian.
  • Person’s using the library’s reprographic and computing facilities must observe the copyright law, other relevant legislation in force, and the terms of suppliers’ licenses.
  • Users must leave the library five minutes before closing time, immediately on hearing the fire alarm, or required to do so in an emergency.
  • Readers should immediately report any incident, theft or other incident to a member of the library staff.
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