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The ALHOSN University library serves the entire university community. The collections support all programs taught at the university by housing a number of collections in various formats to suit all needs. Reference materials, monographs, multimedia collections, on line electronic databases, journals, a state of the art library Management system and professional staff have been dedicated to ensure an efficient and supportive learning environment to all.

The library collections are of sufficient size and quality to ensure effectiveness in the instructional programs of the university. To meet current and projected educational needs and trends, collection development is carefully outlined by the librarians, in conjunction with faculty members.

The library uses the library of Congress classification system for stack arrangements. Resources could be searched using the library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The library portal includes access to full-text electronic journals databases, a collection of e books and other web-based portals and links.

Classes are encouraged to be held in the library and information literacy skills sessions are delivered throughout the academic year to ensure proper and most efficient use of the various library resources.
Mission Statement of ALHOSN Library
ALHOSN library strives to develop independent and lifelong learners by:

  Acquiring , developing, and providing access to learning resources.

  Assisting students to develop the skills required to succeed in a knowledge- based society.

  Collaborating with faculty to create and deliver innovative learning opportunities.

  Using the most effective technologies available to provide services.

The collections to be developed and maintained by the library will serve the following purposes:

  Instructional support for students and staff.

  Professional and operational support for staff and the university.

  Support for lifelong learning for students and staff.

The library collections aim to fulfill the following objectives:

  Support all courses and programs offered at the university by providing varied and relevant materials in a variety of formats( electronic, printed, audio/video ,etc).

  Provide adequate resources to assist faculty in their teaching functions.

  Develop core collection of materials to support program delivery in the two campuses.

  Provide general interest material for the over all enrichment of the university community.

  Develop reference collections that allow library to provide information services in support of the university instruction and operations.

  Provide career and continuing education resources in support of the continuing education programs.

  Maintain copies of required textbooks for all courses, supplementary teaching materials and curriculum documents.

  Support research requirement of the various faculties in conjunction with the programs offered at the university.

  Develop and maintain archival materials in addition to materials documenting the development of ALHOSN University.

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