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To officially register and to attend classes, each student must:
  1. Read the Registration Procedures and Regulation
  2. Select courses, and obtain the help of her/his academic advisor
  3. Read the Quick ONLINE Registration Directions
  4. Complete the ONLINE registration
  5. Pay the required fifty percent 50%
  6. ONLINE approval of the academic advisor. Students who has not paid the 50% (minimum of 7000 Dirham) by start date of the semester will not get the approval and will be dropped from all courses.
A student, who has not fulfilled all financial obligations to the university, including an account balance from the previous semester, will not be permitted to register. 
Important Notes on Loging:
  • User ID is Student ID
  • Default Password is Student DOB ( Date of Birth ) in dd/mm/yyyy format (e.g 15091985 for 15/9/1985) .
Click here to start online registration

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